If a rigid outpatient program isnt going to be a good fit for you, you might want to look for a sober living home instead. Heres how to make sure you pick one out of the best sober living homes in Pompano Beach:


Many of these halfway houses can be found in small towns, with a tranquil backdrop of mountains and fields. That could provide you with the escape you want along with the supervision and rehab assistance you badly need.


What kind of restrictions and regulations are enforced in the home? Youll want to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself before you get in so these questions can help make that easier for you.


What is the consequence of someone failing a drug test? What happens? If there are no consequences, that could mean zero accountability, which wont help motivate or encourage people to stick to the rules. Zero accountability can derail your progress too so if thats the case, youll probably be better off elsewhere.


While the best sober living homes in Pompano Beach must feel like a home, they shouldnt be too comfortable either that you end up having fun instead of doing the emotional and therapeutic work that needs to get done. While building a supportive environment with the other residents matters, you arent there to make friends. Youre there to think about your life and contemplate. Youre there to figure out how to live life sober. If there are too many distractions around, thats going to compromise your progress.


Look for a home with staff that are competent and compassionate at the same time, says the Addiction Blog. It also makes a huge difference if the ones running the home have been through the same ordeal and find themselves in recovery as well. That shared sense of connection ensures better understanding and insight, allowing them to provide more meaningful assistance and help.

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