A urinary tract infection in Albany GA may be a common occurrence but that does not make it any easier to deal with. There are a wide range of reasons you may contract a urinary tract infection, but regardless of the cause, early treatment intervention is key to the successful treatment of this problem.

Recognizing the Symptoms
The symptoms of a urinary tract infection in Albany GA can include:

  • Frequent urination
  • An urge to urinate frequently but being unable to urinate
  • Burning while urinating
  • A fever
  • Discomfort and a feeling of fullness in the bladder

While the symptoms can range, you can also have all the symptoms at once. Anyone that has ever had to deal with a urinary tract infection can tell you that they are very uncomfortable.

Fast Treatment
To avoid more serious complications, it is imperative that you start your treatments quickly. In most every case, a course of antibiotics is needed to combat the infection. Typically, a health care provider will also prescribe something to help with the discomfort. It is vital that treatment is started as early on as possible. This will keep the infection from getting out of control. Fast treatment will help you to get back on your feet fast!

Where to Go for Treatment
This type of infection absolutely warrants a visit to the doctor. Using over the counter remedies or at home remedies is just not safe. You need to see a medical professional to get the help you need right away. You do not have to go the local emergency room. You can go to One Source Healthcare for urgent care. You can get the medical attention you need to get back on the path to good health, quickly and easily at One Source Healthcare!

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