As one of the most complex parts of the human skeleton and nervous system, second only to the brain, the spine can be harmed in a multitude of ways. And this harm can be of varying degrees of severity. It can be mild pain that comes and goes as it pleases, usually caused by bending in a bad way, or it can be severe spasms of crippling pain that are a sign of something much more serious. If you are looking for spine pain treatment in Jacksonville, expect these forms of treatment to come up when it comes time to diagnose care.

#1. Injections
One form of pain may be spinal stenosis. This is when the spine has been narrowed, usually by a herniated disc, bone spur, or in some rare cases, a tumor pressing against the spine. This, of course, causes compression of the nerves inside, resulting in pain in lower areas, such as the leg, buttocks, or hips. These injections send a drug into the spine that relieve the pain and, eventually, heal the problem. These are also useful for more general back pains such as inflamed or damaged nerves.

#2. Spinal cord stimulation
This is when a device is implanted in the body through a needle that injects it into the lower back. This device sends electric signals (low level, as to not cause injury) to the specific parts of the spine that are in pain. These signals stop other signals sent by these nerves, which would otherwise have reached the brain and informed it that they were in pain. This stops the pain from registering, and encourages the release of endorphins, which further null the pain. This is similar to bioelectric therapy, except the device does this on its own over a period of time, rather than you having to stay in the doctors office while the therapy is performed. Fitting, considering that this would take considerably longer to fix in the spine than in the other parts of the back.

#3. Surgery
If the pain is especially severe, your spine may require immediate surgery in order to fix. Spinal surgery is a delicate process, but the original pain should be gone by the time the rehab period is over. However, there will be pain left over from the surgery, so your doctor will prescribe to you medication for this purpose.

There are more than enough ways for the spine to be harmed, so there are an equal amount of ways to treat it when it does. From medicine to invasive surgery, medical science has produced a myriad of ways of treating a vital part of the human body.

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