Monthly Archive:: June 2020

Are You Using the Right Medical Coding Solutions?

When it comes to medical coding, being fast and accurate are essential elements to ensure your office is paid in a timely manner. However, this process

The Challenges of Sutures in the Operating Room

Sutures are one of the most important parts of the surgical procedure, allowing the patient to begin the healing process. However, many challenges can be presented

Tummy Tuck: A Ray of Hope for People Trying to Reduce Tummy Fat

Picture this you are invited for your college reunion and asked to wear a dress you used to wear in college. You are looking forward to

The Benefits of Losing Weight With Personal Fitness Training

If you were to poll millions of people about their weight loss habits, youll find that many dont have a clue as to how to go

2 Pieces Of Equipment To Help Improve Surgical Tech Safety In California

Scrub techs or surgical technicians play a vital role in the operating room when it comes to assisting the patient and the surgeon. Their primary role

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