Dog agility, as a sport, has seen increased popularity in the last several years. In this obstacle course race, your dog completes a series of challenges off his leash and without incentives. It is a great way to test his intelligence as well as your training. If you would like to try your hand at the dog agility training in Chicago, this sport is available.

Here are three dog agility facts to consider.

The Basics

If you are interested in preparing your dog and yourself for an agility competition, you should understand what it entails. All dogs are allowed to participate, so if your canine is small, large or mixed-breed, he can compete. Each competition is timed, and your dog needs to be able to get through anywhere between 14 and 20 challenges that include tunnels, jumps and pauses. You can cue your dog where to go and you can use body language, too. You cannot provide him with any incentives, though.

Determine if You and Your Dog Want to Participate

Some dogs are natural performers, regardless of size or breed. Some dogs are also naturally intelligent. Before you sign up for a competition, you should determine if your dog has an aptitude for an agility competition. You should also determine if you are a qualified handler. The easiest way to get started is to enroll in a class, and then, see how it goes. Your canine is going to make mistakes. Are you going to be able to handle the learning process?


After participating in an agility class, if you decide to move forward, it is time to practice. The best way for your dog to get comfortable with your cues, is to practice.

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