It seems that drugstore shelves and mega-mart aisles are packed with so-called “miracle cures” for nearly every illness and deficiency these days. These supplements often make steep claims at suspiciously-low prices, but doctors are more likely to direct you to the smaller selections available at your Sandy-area health supplement store or natural food and drug website. Is spending a little more at these specialty stores worth it for your health? Here are a few great reasons to invest in top-quality health supplements:

Today’s Farming Techniques

Many of the fruits, vegetables, and other produce you work into your family’s diet come from farms that have nutrient-depleted soil. This is a side effect of over-farming, which is not always avoidable when growing the amount of food necessary to feed the many Americans depending on these crops. Taking supplements will help you fill in the gaps that are caused by this low nutrient level.

Additionally, the harvesting, packaging, handling, and storage techniques of those who transport these produce items to stores near you can further compromise their quality. Add in the pesticides and herbicides being used on these crops in typical American farming, and you have a recipe for vastly-decreased nutritive value. Adding supplements to your diet can help you get the nutrition your body needs.


The human body becomes less able to absorb and use nutrients from food as we age. If you want to ensure you’re still getting the nutrition you or your aging loved one needs, consider adding a health supplement to your everyday routine to check the boxes that you might be missing.


For those who are athletic or who exercise, nutrition needs are increased. Rather than decreasing the amount of activity your family enjoys which can have negative impacts on your health stop by your Sandy-area health supplement store and pick up some quality additives to your diet to power up your workouts and games.

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