Your pet is a part of the family. If your cat or dog is sick, bring your furry friend to the vet right away. If you encounter any of the following signs, then that means the issue is serious. Call ahead and drive to the vet right away.

Poor Eating Habits

Is your pet refusing to eat favorite treats? What about losing appetite even when its nearly lunchtime? That could be a digestive problem or intestinal block. Find out when you bring your pet to a trusted animal clinic in Los Angeles.


Cats and dogs sometimes throw up their food. If it happens only once, that might not be a cause of concern. However, if it persists, it might mean that your pet might have ingested something poisonous.

Drinking Too Much or Too Little

Drinking too little is a sign of a urinary tract condition. Failure to urinate properly could lead to chronic liver damage. On the other hand, drinking too much is an indication of diabetes. Either way, these are signs you shouldnt ignore.

Difficulty Breathing

Its normal for dogs to pant after theyve been running around for a bit of exercise. But if yours still does even after resting or even if the weather is cool, then that could be a serious health problem.

Lack of Energy

General interest could be caused by a number of things. Find out whats causing it in your puppy or kitty. It could be as simple as your pet holding a grudge, being tired from playing too much, or that theyve been hurt. In some cases, though, the lack of energy, especially on a hot day, could be the result of a heat stroke. Check up on your pet and if your pets treats arent getting a reaction, visit a vet Angel City Animal Hospital.

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