Visiting a spa is a good way to relax. If its your first time at a Korean day spa, though, here are some of the things you can expect. From skin polishing treatments to saunas and baths, get ready for a fun-filled experience.

Know the Operating Hours

These spas are usually open for 24 hours but thats not true for every establishment. When you look for a Korean day spa in Los Angeles, check their operating hours. That way, youll know how early or late you can book your appointments.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Youll be much happier when you go home in comfortable clothes after a massage or scrub down, so skip the jeans and go with something loose and comfortable. Also, leave your jewelry behind. That way, you wont have to worry about losing or misplacing anything while youre at the spa.

Go with Friends

Its always so much fun to schedule appointmentswhether its a massage or a facialwith your friends. Its a fun version of hanging out. You could catch up while getting a much-needed massage. Its a pleasant way to spend time together.

Book Early

If youre booking as a group, youll want to make sure there are enough slots for everyone. Call ahead and make an appointment. That way, you wont have to wait long for the treatment when you get there. Spas usually have a long wait list especially on Fridays and weekends. You and your friends might not avail of the treatments if you just head over to the spa since they might be fully booked.

Check the Packages

Many spas offer a host of packages. Know what to expect with each one. Call the spa and ask for more details. That way, youll know which package to book for you and your friends.

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