Almost every Eye Doctor in Clarksville TN recommends a yearly eye exam for most of their patients. With that being said, if you haven’t seen an eye doctor in a long time, here are some signs that should make you want to go to your eye doctor for that long awaited exam.

1. If either of your eyes becomes itchy, red, inflamed or you notice discoloration of the whites of your eyes, you could possibly have an eye infection. The same applies if you experience swollen eyelids and/or discharge coming from either eye.

2. Frequent and persistent headaches could also be an indication of vision problems. These changes may not take place quickly and sometimes this is a symptom of other disorders. Consider these headaches as a possible warning sign of a potential eye disorder that would necessitate an eye exam.

3. Squinting is another sign that an eye doctor visit in in order. Squinting happens when a person has difficulty seeing. Early treatment is essential to preventing permanent vision loss.

4. If you notice your vision is becoming blurred this is a sign of vision degradation. This problem generally comes on gradually. If you notice you have to move books further away from your eyes to enable you to see well then it’s time for an eye exam. The same applies if you have to move objects closer in order to see them.

5. Sensitivity to light could be a sign that you need to get an eye exam. Light sensitivity can be a symptom of several eye disorders or diseases. If you find you are regularly experiencing this problem, you need to get an eye exam.

6. Visual disturbances such as flashes of light or “floaters” can be a sign of serious vision disorders. Examples of such disorders can be retinal holes, retinal detachment or tears in the retina.

Finding an Eye Doctor in Clarksville TN can be done by looking online for listings or referencing the yellow pages of the phone book in the area. Look for listings under Optometrists in the yellow pages or online and choose which doctor you would like to schedule an appointment with.

When calling to schedule an appointment make sure you check with them to see what methods of payment they accept. Accepted payments methods such as cash, credit/debit cards, personal checks and insurances will vary.

Dr. Lewis and Associates provide comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages offering quality contact lens and eye glasses. Our professional eye doctors examine, diagnose and treat your visual system in Williamson County and Clarksville, TN.

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