One aspect a Back Pain Specialist wants patients to consider is how ongoing stress, anxiety, and depression can aggravate or even cause this type of pain. Chronic tension in the muscles leads to stiffness, discomfort and even muscle spasms. Chiropractors, massage therapists, and other practitioners often can relieve the symptoms through various methods, but resolving the underlying problem is essential or the pain is likely to keep returning. It can become a vicious cycleas people feel more depressed and anxious while they deal with serious physical discomfort that prevents them from being active and may even cause them to cancel social engagements.

Massage, in particular, is an effective way of reducing stress. For the back pain patient, it has the dual benefit of relieving stress through relaxation and easing tight muscles. Many people have regular massage therapy appointments simply because they enjoy how good they feel afterward. A person dealing with chronic back pain may consider this option as well since the therapy can do a great deal to relieve existing symptoms and prevent future ones. Individuals with highly stressful jobs or who are dealing with anxiety-causing emotional issues benefit from weekly or twice-monthly massage therapy.

Seeking help from a Back Pain Specialist when mental and emotional problems are challenging can be a vital way of dealing with associated physical symptoms. Back pain can cause sleep disruption, for example. Lack of sleep can lead to ineffectiveness on the job, irritability and more aches and pains. Not being able to complete job tasks as expected can lead to worsening stress and irritability. In addition, the person may avoid exercising if that seems to make the back discomfort worse. Exercise is known to improve mood, but now the individual doesn’t have this mood-enhancing advantage. Being sedentary, paradoxically, can worsen pain and stiffness. That’s a primary reason physical therapy is so strongly encouraged for people who are recovering from injury. At a clinic such as D’Agostino Chiropractic & Associates, a group of practitioners is ready to help patients beat stress and feel better physically and emotionally. Anyone who wants to get started on this quest may visit the website for contact information. You can also connect with them on Facebook for futher news and updates!

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