Like most people, you may not have the time to visit a medical specialist. Very few working folks have time to see their family physician for routine checkups. However, a person’s feet and ankles should not be ignored.

Understanding the role of a foot and ankle doctor

A podiatrist is there to provide reliable and timely Podiatric Medical Treatment in Joliet IL. All problems related to the feet are to be taken seriously from the moment first pains are experienced. The foot carries the weight of your entire body every single day of your life, so it is crucial never to neglect pains or issues that could worsen your condition.

Bad support can cause an imbalance that can cause foot, knee, or back pain. These risks are even more present for those who play sports and also those who are getting up there in age. When should a person see this specialist and why?

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a health professional that focuses on the feet. During a consultation, he or she carries out a thorough diagnosis taking into account all aspects of the patient: his or her lifestyle, morphology, the causes and mechanisms of their pain, which includes any surgical and traumatic history. A podiatrist can provide care and follow up until the problem is solved.

Podiatric specialists also provide pedicure care and can, if necessary, make and adjust custom soles, called orthotics, to correct ground support issues and, thus, solve any postural problems. On the other hand, they are not authorized to perform surgery. In this case, the physician will have to refer the patient to an orthopedic surgeon.

Podiatric Medical Treatment in Joliet IL is essential for hundreds of millions of people even though most individuals do not know they have a foot or ankle issue. Podiatry is the profession that focuses on all aspects related to the feet and ankles, meaning the doctor can do everything except perform surgery. Need orthotics or routine pedicures? Have an old sports injury that won’t go away? A podiatrist can help. Visit the site or contact a specialist to learn more.

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