Millions of Americans are affected by fibromyalgia, although the condition is poorly understood by medical professionals and patients alike. Most experts recommend a multi-disciplinary approach that can include physical therapy, medication and lifestyle changes. There is no single solution that works for every patient, and results are highly individualized from person to person. Thats why many patients are seeking alternative therapies to help deal with symptoms like pain and fatigue; one such therapy is cupping treatment in Toronto ON. This process involves placing heated cups onto the back to create a vacuum/suction. It is believed that this helps pull toxins and harmful substances from the body. Many patients have experienced relief from this process.

Other alternative treatments for fibromyalgia include:

Bee Sting Therapy
Applying the body with controlled bee stings can help build up your immune system and help it fight off the cause of your fibromyalgia. Advocates for this type of therapy claim that the substances released can also help with pain and inflammation. While come patients have experienced relief with this type of therapy, its not generally recommended by mainstream medical doctors, who say that too many stings can cause harm and even death.

Thin needles are used to increase energy and blood flow, and has been quite successful as an alternative treatment in patients. Many health care doctors recommend this as an added measure of treatment, in addition to traditional medication and other mainstream methods. This can also be used in conjunction with cupping for greater results. Doctors warn that these procedures must be administered by qualified therapists.

This involves submersing your body in baths of extreme hot and cold temperatures. The idea is to train the central pain pathways to react normally to various sensations. So far, research studies show promising results on this method of treatment.

Cupping treatment in Toronto ON can be a viable part of your overall Fibromyalgia treatment. Never seek treatment without talking to your doctor first.

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