The body is a marvelous machine, capable of performing many different tasks. Yet, sometimes all it takes is one wrong move or pushing it too far in pursuit of a goal in order to cause painful damage. The problem is, once you are hurt, you still have to go on with your life. There is no hold button that allows you to simply stop everything and heal. And even if you are able to take the time to heal, you may not return to 100 percent. In the meantime, youre dealing with painful sensations whenever you make a move with the affected area. When the pain doesnt go away, its time to see an Orthopedic Surgeon in Birmingham, AL.

At first, the idea of going to an Orthopedic Surgeon in Birmingham, AL may seem like overkill. After all, youre in pain, but its not that serious, or so you think. Its not so much that you are seeing a surgeon to go straight to surgery so much as youre getting an expert opinion. Bringing your physical problem to the surgeon is only the beginning. The surgeon needs to evaluate your range of movement, how much pain you experience and use imaging technology to determine the cause of the problem.

After a definite diagnosis has been made, the Orthopedic Surgeon in Birmingham, AL starts a treatment regimen to alleviate the pain. This can include using braces to immobilize the joint along with anti-inflammatories to stop the swelling and pain. Typically, the first attempts to get the pain under control and heal the affected area are conservative ones. Sometimes it may be that the best cure is the simplest. The surgeon has you follow orders for a certain period of time, then has you come back for re-evaluation. If the conservative approach hasnt worked, it may be that surgery is necessary.

Surgery is left as the last resort due to the fact that you need to heal, then go to rehabilitation afterwards. Its a long and involved process, but may be the best way to get the pain to go away for good and allow you to get back to your daily life.

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