Few of us are ready for the day when we have to care for our parents. It is a big adjustment to begin worrying about the people who have worried about us all of our lives. Too often, we are also far away when our parents require care. We need to arrange for help, but the choices are tough, especially from a distance. Assisted living facilities offer care, but we may want our parents to remain at home, where they are comfortable. They usually want that, too. Sometimes they have short-term illnesses or injuries, and only need care for a while. However, even if we can take time off from work to help them, care giving is exhausting and can overwhelm family members. Often the simplest solution is to choose in home care from a well-qualified agency. It is easy to find a reputable Utah County Assisted Living Service. But, agencies vary, so it is best to search for one which offers services to fit your needs.

Elderly people often have sudden injuries, such as broken bones as the result of falls. In these cases, they may spend time in a rehab center, then be sent home. An at home caregiver can ensure that they get needed ongoing care. Caregivers can bathe them, ensure the house is clean and that patients are fed. They can pick up prescriptions and take your parents to their doctor visits. Senio.r Care also provides the same services to patients who have illnesses, including Alzheimers and Dementia. Some caregivers are trained to work with Alzheimers patients. Respite services are available to assist family caregivers to take time for breaks, or even vacations.

You may have a healthy elderly parent, but be worried about their welfare because they live alone. Companion services may be the solution. With this option, a companion visits your parent on a regular basis, to spend time with them. They can engage in everyday, shared activities, such as eating meals. Companions can also ensure that your parent is healthy, living in a clean environment, and is getting their needs met. You can rest easy, knowing a trained professional is keeping an eye on them.

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