An old sports injury has a way of coming back to haunt its victim years and often decades later. Sports injuries have a way of seeming little in the past but can result in serious Back Pain Kent WA in need of constant treatment.

There is a silver lining in regards to pain. As inevitable as it may seem, it isn’t. It is perfectly feasible to treat any pain. There is an argument in the medical community that back pain is inevitable and part of aging. This may be partly true for individuals with genetic dispositions, but most professionals would agree that back pain can be greatly reduced with proper treatment. Rebound Sports Med focuses in the area of treating past and current sports injuries that diminish motor functions. The team will address issues related to injuries that have occurred in the past.

The Form of the Injury and Overuse

Fascinatingly, an injury does not have to be a hard stomp or trauma hit at all. A large amount of injuries derive almost solely from overuse, traumatized hit or not. Individuals who spend years in sports often face the scrutiny of prolonged Back Pain Kent WA as they age. It’s manageable with anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce the tension in temporary fits. But, sports treatment recommends something with a long-term angle.

Differences Between Trauma and Overuse

There’s backlash against anti-inflammation drugs, such as Motrin and Advil. The issue may not be in inflammation at all. It may be in scar tissue that has developed around weakened areas. When tendons are stretched and overused, they are unable to receive as much oxygen. This vacancy encourages degradation and the development of scar tissue. Injuries deriving from overuse almost always go back to scar tissue. Injuries, such as hard trauma hits, are often due to ligament tears and actual damage.

There are distinctive methods to treat individuals in both scenarios. But, the frustrating reality is that there is a lot of overlap. A patient needs to really get in there and derive the source of the pain. Without this, it’s a guessing game on where to approach the pain and how.

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