Many women like to have carefully sculpted eyebrows. Some women prefer thick, bold eyebrows with an arch. Others prefer a neat, simple brow. When it comes to sculpting their eyebrows, some women tweeze their eyebrows, some have their eyebrows waxed and others have their eyebrows threaded. Of the three options, Brow Threading Round Rock TX is the better choice.

No Dangerous Chemicals

The wax that a woman can buy in a store and the wax that they use at salons contain harsh chemicals. The ingredients in the wax can contain artificial fragrances, dangerous dyes, resins, and carcinogenic parabens. Threading doesn’t require any chemicals. All that is use are pure cotton threads.

Threading is Better For Sensitive Skin

Some women have sensitive skin. When these women have their eyebrows waxed, their skin can become red, raw, and they can even develop bumps in the area. When the woman has her eyebrows threaded, there is very little contact with the skin, which wouldn’t cause any damage. Threading is an especially great option for women who take prescription acne medication. The skin in the areas where the medication was applied can be especially sensitive.

Threading is Quick

Women who tweeze their eyebrows often complain that it is very time-consuming. This is not the case with threading. Rather than plucking one hair at a time, an entire row of hair is removed all at once when the eyebrows are threaded. Click here for more details.

Lasts Longer

The thing that many women love most about threading is that it lasts longer than all other eyebrow sculpting methods. Between one and two weeks after tweezing or waxing, the new growth will be visible. When a woman has her eyebrows threaded, it can last for three to four weeks.

Achieve a Better Shape

It can be difficult for a woman to get a perfect shape and arch when she tweezes. Even waxing isn’t as accurate. The best way to get the perfect shape and arch is by threading.

If a woman wants to shape her eyebrows in the safest, least painful, most accurate way possible, Brow Threading Round Rock TX is the best option. For more information, contact Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar or Visit us to Website.

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