Thanks to technological advances in the skin care industry, we don’t have to grow old gracefully anymore. Bella Medical Aethetics, PC offers many skin care services from cosmetic enhancements to diseased skin treatments. Men and women can both benefit from the services offered.

If you want to plump out your pout, you can seek Botox Fayetteville specialists can provide you with the best results. They also offers wrinkle laser treatments to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Some of the other treatments that are offered are varicose vein removal, unwanted and laser hair removal, acne scarring treatments, broken blood vessels, lip enhancement, skin cancer treatments and more.

One of the most requested services is botox. The use of this procedure is common in many women and men. It is not an overly expensive way to make your appearance younger. Tiny injections are made where the lines are forming on your face. It tightens the skin and muscles in the area and can take years off of your appearance. It is a temporary treatment that lasts approximately four months. There is no down time and you can have the treatment repeated without ill harm to your body.

Having treatments of Botox Fayetteville is as common as getting pedicures for most people. It is quick, easy, effective and rarely are there any negative effects. At your first appointment there will be meeting with the specialist that will be performing the treatment. You will be discussing where you will receive the injections, and how much you will need.

After your consultation, you will begin the treatment. It is done very swiftly. You can compare the feeling to a small pinch or prickling sensation. There is no down time for this type of treatment, so you can resume your regular schedule right away. The results will begin to appear after a couple of days. It will take about a week to see the final results. Your appearance won’t stand out as a major change in your appearance. You may receive comments on how rested and relaxed you seem to be. That is because the worry lines and wrinkles have all but disappeare d.

When you notice that the lines are beginning to increase again, just make another appointment for Botox in Fayetteville and have it done again. This is an excellent way to continue to hold on to your youthful appearance without looking unnatural or breaking your piggy bank.

Bella Medical Aethetics, PC specializes in various surgery treatments like Botox In Fayetteville .

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