Having a Brazilian butt lift can give you the shapely curves youve always dreamt of in a way that looks natural for your figure. This type of augmentation is rising in popularity every year, likely because of how many women are showing off successful results that make them look and feel great. Still, having any kind of cosmetic surgery is still a surgical procedure. Heres what to expect before, during and after a gluteal augmentation surgery:

Preparing for Surgery

The day of your procedure, you will be expected to show up on time, clean and wearing loose-fitting clothing. You will not be able to wear standard underwear or snug-fitting pants after your surgery, so take this into consideration when dressing. Have someone accompany you to the hospital or clinic on the day of your procedure.

Time for a Lift

During your procedure, your doctor will remove excess fat from other areas of your body via liposuction. They will then put this fat your bodys own tissue into the areas of the buttock that have been designated for reshaping. The actual incision areas are small, so any stitching is usually minor.

After Your Procedure

The bulk of recovery from this cosmetic procedure will be due to bruising and swelling. Special garments should be worn in areas where fat was harvested to ensure proper healing and minimal swelling and sitting directly on the buttocks should be avoided for approximately eight weeks. Donut-shaped pillows should be used when patients must sit and lying on the side or stomach should replace sitting whenever possible. Resume normal activities only after cleared to do so by your doctor to ensure optimal healing.

Its important to find an experienced provider for your Chicago, IL Brazilian butt lift procedure. Look for a plastic surgeon who has performed multiple surgeries of this kind before for the most confidence and peace of mind and the best, most natural-looking results.

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