Autoimmune disorders occur when the bodys immune system reacts incorrectly to a stimulus. Instead of protecting, it attacks, destroying healthy skin tissue and other body parts. This reaction is typical of 80 types of autoimmune disorders including Sjogren’s disease.

In Sjogrens disorder, the moisture-secreting glands and mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth and nose are the most affected. This results in a decrease in mouth saliva and tear production. Although other parts of the body are impacted, two symptoms are more common: dry mouth and dry eyes.

Causal and Risk Factors

It remains unclear why some people develop Sjogren’s disease and others do not. However, certain factors are causal and increase the risk of someone developing it. Among those currently noted are:

Genetic: Some research has noted the existence of a specific defective gene. However, it must be triggered. This involves being infected by a specific bacterial or viral strain.

Immuno-compromised system: If the system is already compromised, it increases the likelihood of the development of various diseases, including Sjogrens disorder.

Pre-existing autoimmune diseases: If an individual already suffers from an autoimmune disorder, s/he may likely be vulnerable to contacting Sjogrens disease.

Age: This is not a determining factor in all cases. However, the majority of people with Sjogrens disorder are older than 40

Gender: Research indicates more women than men have this disease.

Specific Disease: Individuals who already have a specific rheumatic disease such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis seem to be more susceptible to Sjogrens.

Sjogren’s Disease.

To date, no cure is available for those who suffer from Sjogren’s syndrome. There is only treatment. The first step to detecting its presence in the body requires comprehensive diagnostic equipment. Trinity Biotech provides a range of products to aid in uncovering the presence of a range of autoimmune disorders including Sjogrens disease. This ensures accurate and precise detection, therefore, allowing the preparation of an individualized treatment plan to address the exact manifestations of the disease.

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