When your doctor suspects that something could be wrong with your heart, a variety of tests could be ordered. One of those is a PET scan. The following are only a few details about what you can expect regarding this type of test.


When you arrive for your PET scan in cardiology, you’ll usually need to change into a gown and could be connected to an IV. A dye could be run through your IV so that details of your cardiovascular system can be better seen. You usually won’t be put to sleep, but if you’re anxious about the scan, then a sedative could be used.

During the Scan

You’ll be on a table during the PET scan in cardiology. A computer is connected to the table as well as a scanner. The table that you’re on will move back and forth through a machine that will take several pictures at one time. These images will allow your doctor to see if there are any leaks or if there are any issues with your heart that need to be fixed or treated in other ways. While you’re on the table, you need to stay as still as possible until the scan is complete.

After the Scan

When the scan is complete, you’ll usually be able to go home unless you’re already a patient in the hospital. Your doctor will review the scans to determine the next course of action regarding your heart and will likely contact you within a few days of the scan.

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