A common surgery performed on the nose is rhinoplasty. Although it’s often completed for cosmetic reasons, there are also several health issues that can benefit from the procedure. Here are a few details to keep in mind when visiting a nose surgeon.

Breathing Easy

If you have difficulty breathing or have been injured, then you might need the assistance of a nose surgeon in Bolingbrook, IL. Rhinoplasty is often performed to correct a deviated septum and to help correct sinus issues that prevent the sinuses from properly draining. Correcting these issues can also help with sleep apnea and proper breathing throughout the day. Polyps in the nose can also be removed during surgery.

The Surgery

One of the reasons to consider seeing a nose surgeon in Bolingbrook, IL, is to see if your nose can properly function if you don’t have a procedure performed. If you’re able to function without surgery, then it’s considered cosmetic. If not, then it would be listed as a medical necessity. You’ll talk to the surgeon about whether the surgery will be performed in an open or closed manner. Open surgery involves making an incision on the nostrils, while closed surgery involves making incisions inside the nostrils.


Since this is often a delicate procedure, you want to make sure you take the needed time to recover once it’s done. It usually takes about four weeks to fully heal, depending on the type of surgery that’s performed. You’ll usually see some bruising and swelling during the recovery process.

Learn more about nose surgery by contacting the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery.

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