When pet owners want their dogs to look their very best, they seek Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon. Pet groomers are highly trained to work with different breeds and bring out the beauty in their appearance. Unfortunately, some dogs can become overly anxious when it comes to being groomed. With this information, dog owners will know how to help their furry friend stay calm during their grooming session.

How to Keep Anxiety at Bay

To keep a dog from becoming overly anxious, a dog owner needs to start working long before the actual grooming appointment. The following tips will help dog owners to prevent anxiety in their dog, so the grooming appointment goes as smoothly as possible:

* The car ride can sometimes bring on great amounts of stress for a dog, long before the dog even knows they are going for Business Name. It is important to dog owners take their dogs for fun rides on occasion, so the car ride is not always considered a threat. If a dog becomes sick during car rides, the vet can help with anti-nausea medication.

* It can be helpful for a dog owner to help their dog grow accustomed to being touched in different areas of their body. As a training exercise, owners can call out a part and then gently touch their dog in that area. If the dog responds well, a treat should be offered.

* If a groomer does not mind, taking a dog to the groomer without them being groomed can help. The dog should meet the staff and be allowed to smell around so it will be a familiar place during the actual grooming visit.

* For dogs that simply cannot overcome their anxiety, a muzzle may be the answer. Allowing the dog to grow accustomed to the muzzle will prevent a dog from being overly anxious during the grooming process.

Call For Your Dog’s Appointment

If your dog is in need of grooming services, contact Business Name. They provide your dog with the ultimate grooming experience that makes your furry friend feel completely comfortable throughout the process. Call today for your appointment.

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