You’ve found your soul mate, the perfect dress, all the perfect hair accessories and even found the color you want for your wedding day manicure, you’re all set, right? Not quite. Don’t forget about your bridal make-up in Jacksonville.

Regardless of if you have been planning the unique bridal beauty look you wanted since you got engaged, or have no idea how to get started, there are some tips that can help you look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day.

Look Like Yourself

There is no rule that states you have to look a certain way when you get married. You don’t have to wear fake lashes, bronzer or any other artificial material. You should choose bridal make-up in Jacksonville that compliments you at your very best. If you don’t feel right with red lipstick, then you shouldn’t wear it to get married. You don’t have to embrace crazy beauty trends just because you’re getting married.

Avoid Huge Changes in Your Regular Makeup

While it may seem a bit clich, the fact is, your wedding day is not the time to make huge in your makeup routine. For example, if you have never worn bronzer before, now is not the time to use it. You want to make sure you look like yourself, or your soon to be husband may not recognize the person walking down the aisle.

Search for inspiration

When selecting your bridal make-up in Jacksonville, you aren’t limited to what you see in wedding themed magazines. Seek your inspiration from any source celebrities, editorials, television, movies and more. Find what you like and then compile a look that makes you feel great.

Just because you are getting married, it doesn’t mean you have to be over the top with your makeup. For more help with your bridal make-up, contact the professionals at Adrienne Michelle’s by calling 904-329-2573.

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