To ensure your childrens dental care, it is important to rely on a dentist who concentrates on the dental needs of the entire family. Whether a grandparent needs dental care or a child requires a filling, a dentist should feature a full array of services.

When to Schedule Your Childs First Dental Appointment

Family dentistry in Vancouver, WA features state-of-the-art equipment so that a childs special dental needs can be addressed and met. If you are a new parent, you may be unsure when to schedule your childs first dental appointment. Should you wait until all of his or her teeth have fully emerged? Most dental experts recommend that a parent schedule a dental appointment when a childs first tooth erupts in his or her mouth.

The First Visit to the Dental Office

The first family dentistry visit for your child is normally scheduled to introduce the child to the dental office and to acquaint him or her with the dental team and dentist.

The Purposes for the Visit

A first dental visit is therefore designed to accomplish three purposes. These purposes include the following:

  • It acquaints a child with the office and staff, thereby building a feeling of trust.
  • It allows a child to learn the office lingo. For instance, he or she is introduced to such items as the probe, handpiece or drill, or gauze.
  • It permits the family dentistry specialist to check the childs teeth for decay. The childs bite, jaw, and gums are also examined during the visit. During this evaluation, the dentist also looks for bottle cavities or other dental conditions that may affect a childs dental health or patterns of speech.

Scheduling Check-Ups

After this initial exam, an appointment can be scheduled for any type of dental work. Exams should be scheduled every six months to ensure the best dental care. By the time a child reaches his or her third birthday, he or she should be experiencing full dental evaluations.

Who to Contact for an Appointment

You can learn more about pediatric dental care and the services that are provided by contacting a dental facility such as Lewis Family Dentistry. If you want to ensure your childs dental health, it is best to contact a dentist after the first tooth erupts. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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