Whether its a wedding, prom, graduation or any other special event, its important to you. Youve already decided that you want it to be excellent and want the best hair styling possible. This will likely mean going to a professional in Houston who can determine which style will look best and get you set up. Keeping a checklist will ensure that you make time to keep up with your beauty regimen and have an excellent special day.


It is best to hire a hair styling professional in Houston for your event. Finding one can be a challenge as there are so many. However, make sure you take your time and visit with a few people in your area. They should make you feel comfortable, ask questions, and listen to your needs and desires.


Before getting too involved with finding a professional, it may be best to determine which styles you like. Do you have longer tresses or short ones? Do you want to cut the tresses and go with a shorter do or want to keep the length? Would you like a modern take on a classic or want a beautiful fishtail braid? These questions will be asked by the stylist, so it may be helpful to get an idea of the things you like.


Most women would prefer to keep their same color for the event. Pictures will likely be taken, and you want to look like yourself. However, if youve been considering a color change for a while, it may be best to do so before the big day. If you have gray hairs peeping through, youll want to get them covered before the event.

Hair styling in Houston can be a pain in the neck, so visit Marbella Spa and Salon and let them help. Follow us on instagram.com.

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