When a person is dealing with spine pain, it can seem like there is no way to get relief from the pain. They may have visited doctor after doctor looking for a solution and have only been offered medication. While medication may do a decent job at covering over the symptoms of spine pain, if the underlying cause of the pain is not addressed, the pain will continue.

One of the problems with relying on medication to address pain is that medication can be addictive. In addition to dealing with the pain itself, the individual will also battle to break free from addiction to medication.

Spine pain treatment in Jacksonville goes beyond the idea of using medication to address pain. The goal is to take a holistic approach to pain and help people enjoy a better quality of life. Pain management can benefit individuals who have had surgery, who have suffered an injury, or who are dealing with illnesses that are causing them pain.

Spine pain treatment in Jacksonville is performed by a number of professionals in a variety of medical fields. Some may have a background in anesthesiology, others focus on neurology, and others focus primarily on physical medicine and rehabilitation.

With pain management, a comprehensive team of medical professionals will work together to create a plan that is tailored to address all of the needs of the injured individual. Pain management can range from physical therapy to increased exercise to lifestyle changes. The idea of pain management is that patients take an active role in their treatment.

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