Patient care is rarely something you think about until you have a patient who requests a major medication. Then you check the patient’s file to see if you can prescribe something for them. If you cannot find anything older than a year in the patient’s file, you run the risk of an allergic reaction or worse, an addiction. That is why it is so important to have your clinic connected to dozens of other clinics and patient hospitals in the area. When you are connected through specific medical data centers, here is what happens.

Patient’s File Reads With Info as Old as Ten to Fifteen Years
When your clinic is connected to all hospitals and clinics in the area, you are able to pull up patient files by name, birthdate and street address. Then you can see everything there is to know about the patient that is now sitting in front of you asking for pain medication or an antidepressant. You can see right away via medical records indexing what the patient is allergic to, and whether or not any medications you would prescribe would be counterproductive or not a good choice to prescribe.

Keep Your Patients Healthy by Subscribing to Medical Records Indexing Services
There are a few companies in each state that offer medical records indexing and EHR (electronic health records) services. The services are particularly invaluable to smaller clinics that may not have seen a particular patient before and may not be aware of preexisting conditions. Check out your options and consider purchasing these services for your clinic.

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