Older people often don’t exercise due to painful joints. Painful joints, though, are made fluid again through exercise. It’s a vicious cycle. Seniors are aware that exercise improves mood and cognitive function, increases the heart rate, and gets the body moving.

The thing about exercise is that you must just do it no matter what your age. Seniors may have a harder time starting an exercise program due to illness, health conditions, or joint pain. A certified personal trainer in Parkland, FL, is well-versed in getting people motivated. Here’s how a personal trainer can benefit seniors.

Less Risk of Falls

No one has to explain to seniors how falls affect their bodies. Flexibility and balance have a lot to do with falls, and both of these can improve with exercise. Coordination, strength, and mobility all contribute to falls. They, too, can improve with exercise. Personal trainers target the problem areas until the senior can move fluidly without pain.

Mental Function

Anxiety and depression haunt many seniors whose families are far away or whose mates have passed away. Their memory may be faulty. Exercise increases feel-good hormones called endorphins that annihilate stress and leave those who exercise feeling happier. Sleep is improved, memory and cognitive function increase, and studies have shown a marked decrease in dementia among those who exercise regularly.

House Calls

Many certified personal trainers in Parkland go to seniors’ homes to help them. Some older people, while craving social interaction, don’t feel up to going to a gym. They recognize the need for both exercise and socialization but are too shy to go public. Personal trainers go to their homes to help them with their exercises. This builds confidence in their clients, enabling them to seek social interaction on their own terms. They sometimes go on to get friends together to exercise in groups in someone’s home, thereby helping other seniors.

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