A pediatrician is an important and influential person in a child’s life. Parents looking for a pediatrician have a lot to consider. Check out these tips to find the best pediatric care services in Charleston, SC.

Start Looking for a Pediatrician Early

Soon-to-be parents need to give themselves plenty of time to find the right pediatrician for their baby. Begin the search at least three months before the due date. Not every pediatric practice accepts new patients year-round. Starting the search early reduces stress and helps parents find the right fit without feeling rushed.

Seek Out Personal Recommendations

Personal recommendations are a great place to start, especially when one’s new to the area or a first-time parent. Ask friends, family, and co-workers for their recommendations.

Schedule Office Tours

Don’t be afraid to schedule an office tour with the pediatric service. In-person visits allow parents to see the office, get to know the staff, and ask important questions. Most pediatricians have office hours for these types of visits and happy to accommodate potential patients.

During the visit, ask the following questions:

What are the office hours?

What insurance is accepted?

How are sick child visits handled?

Does the pediatrician have visiting rights at the hospital where the baby will be birthed?

Is the Pediatrician’s Personality a Good Fit?

Some personalities clash and don’t work well together. When evaluating pediatricians, consider their communication style. The pediatrician-parent relationship is important and lasts many years. Make sure the pediatrician is likable as well as qualified.

To learn more about pediatric care services in Charleston, SC, contact Neighbor’s Pediatrics online at neighborspediatrics.com.

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