Finding the right doctor may seem like an easy process. You might think you can merely Google what you need, such as foot doctor in Joliet, and book an appointment with the first doctor that appears in the search engine. You should never do that! You must take your health seriously. Like with any type of doctor, there are reputable podiatrists, as well as podiatrists you should avoid. Word of mouth is always the best way to gain information regarding your doctors standard of care. Follow these tips on who you should ask advice from when searching for a foot doctor.


The first people you should ask for doctor recommendations from are your family members and friends. You should even discuss your options with trustworthy co-workers and others you know on a personal level. The podiatrists names that come up the most should make it to your list of possibilities. Honest opinions are always helpful.

Multiple Choices

Remember that most doctors, especially the renowned ones, have an abundance of patients, so your appointment might not be their top priority. You should always have several doctors on your list to call. When you call, it should give you an idea as to which offices respond best to prospective patients and are trying to please you. The offices that want your business should get bumped to the top of your list. You want to feel like your health and satisfaction are valued.

Listen to Professionals

When you do schedule your appointment, you should know that you might not remain with the doctor who you initially see. A lot of times doctors are part of a team. Within this group they typically each take on their own areas of expertise. You might be booked with a podiatrist who primarily sees ankle issues, but you are having a cyst problem. In this case, the doctor might tell you to see the doctor in his/her group who deals with cysts the most. You should always listen to what the doctors tell you. They want what is best for you.

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