People of all ages suffer from a sore throat from time to time, and in some cases, tonsils become infected. However, the tonsils aren’t the only glans that are vulnerable in the mouth. The adenoids are found in the upper part of the mouth, behind the nose, and these may also become infected. If the adenoids become inflamed, it is called adenoiditis, and this condition can make breathing more difficult and result in recurring respiratory infections. In some cases, Adenoid Removal in Bethlehem PA will be required.

Understanding Adenoiditis

While adenoids work to filter germs out of the body, they may become overwhelmed by bacteria and result in an infection. If this happens, they can get swollen and inflamed. When this happens, the condition is called adenoiditis. It is commonly seen in children, but may also affect adults.

Symptoms of Adenoiditis

The symptoms related to adenoiditis may vary, depending on what has caused the infection. However, there are some common signs of the condition to watch for.

* Ear pain
* Swollen glands in the neck
* Stuffy nose
* A sore throat

If the nose is stuffy, then breathing through it can become challenging. In some cases, if these symptoms reoccur often or if other issues arise, Adenoid Removal in Bethlehem PA.

Treatment for Adenoiditis

In most cases, adenoiditis will be treated with antibiotics. However, if the child suffers from infections frequently, including sinus or ear infections, or if the antibiotics don’t help, or if breathing issues occur, then surgery may have to be considered. The procedure used for this removal is called an adenoidectomy.

The child’s doctor may also make the recommendation that the child’s tonsils be removed at the same time because cases of tonsillitis and adenoiditis often go hand in hand. The surgery used for removal of the tonsils is referred to as a tonsillectomy.

While the procedures mentioned above are fairly commonplace, it is still best to work with a child’s doctor to determine if this is the best treatment option. Additional information about this procedure can be found by visiting our website. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved and that the symptoms are successfully treated.

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