Dental emergencies can strike at any time. Major problems such as a severe toothache, lost fillings, and fractured or lost teeth, require prompt and professional attention. Severe pain is a sign of serious infection or of a nerve being subjected to some undue pressure. Any unstoppable bleeding from the mouth is also a serious issue. If a tooth is in good shape after being knocked out of ones mouth, an Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Square may be able to save it.

When you have a toothache, the pain can be maddening. You cant deal with it for too long. Before heading to an Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Square, drink some ice water and take a Tylenol (acetaminophen). Aspirins and ibuprofen are not recommended because they can cause bleeding to be excessive it is present. If you have major pain between the teeth or at the root that is accompanied by swelling, this is a dental abscess. This infection can cause high fevers and blood poisoning if left untreated, so the dentist needs to treat it as soon as possible. In the meantime, a gargle of saltwater helps with the pain and swelling.

Teeth that become cracked can lead to swelling, so apply an icepack and some acetaminophen. The emergency dentist will examine the tooth and take x-rays. Any damage to the pulp interior will require a root canal to correct. If the tooth has been knocked out of your mouth completely, there is a chance that it can be saved if help is received quickly enough. It is recommended to place the tooth in milk or a wet wash cloth as gently as possible. The key is to keep it wet. If this is done, there is a high chance that re implantation will be possible.

In the case of a cracked tooth or root canal, a Cosmetic Dentist may be needed to make the tooth look better. The use of veneers on a repaired fractured tooth can make it appear like nothing ever happened. Root canals require a porcelain crown, not only for looks, but to provide structure for the weakened and compromised tooth. For more information visit Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square or call on (773) 654-3575.

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