Many individuals become frustrated when they need a certain prescription medication ordered or filled and can’t get to their family doctor’s office. Taking the necessary time off from your busy day in order to wait at emergency rooms or walk-in clinics can mean wasting an entire day. Now, there is another easy solution. There is a legal, safe and convenient online doctor service for prescriptions and so much more. This is intended for non-emergency health issues only, and there are three levels of consult options. This service offers real and board-certified online doctors that write prescriptions and send them to your desired pharmacy location.

This is a wonderful new medical service that takes the hassles out of getting the needed medical care and treatment. With fast and efficient available online doctors that write prescriptions and offer treatment advice, you will be able to get that extra bit of rest needed to kick out whatever bug or ailment is currently bothering you. The easy use site leads patients through each page to fill in medical history and prescription data. A short form then is filled out that describes your current signs and symptoms. That’s it, a doctor will phone you back or video conference with you depending on the service level that is desired.

If someone is suffering from a serious ailment or needs emergency treatment, they should go to their nearest emergency room instead. These trained online doctors that write prescriptions are only able to offer non-life threatening or non-emergency health issues. This option is great for parents with sick kids, someone who works a lot and gets a cough, develops bronchitis or needs a remedy for a sore throat. Learn more details regarding the services offered by MDProactive an online doctor consult treatment and prescription service. Visit

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