A family doctor who you can trust is important so that you can monitor your health and so that you have an office to visit if you have any concerns. If possible, try to make an appointment with your doctor at least once a year in order to have bloodwork performed and to keep track of medical issues that other family members might have. When you visit your doctor, there are a few things that you can do so that you get the most from each visit.

Try to make a list of questions that you want to ask your family medicine specialist in Cherry Hil,l NJ. If you have a few questions in mind, then it’s easier to stay focused instead of trying to think of health concerns and possibly forgetting something you want to talk about when you leave the office.

Your family medicine specialist in Cherry Hill, NJ, should be someone who you can talk to at any time. You shouldn’t feel afraid to talk to your doctor and should feel as though the nurses in the office are just as easy to communicate with if you have questions.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms including a cough that won’t go away, abnormal pain or swelling, or any other changes that you can’t explain, you need to alert your doctor so that the proper tests can be performed. You should also let your doctor know about any medications you’re taking and if you’ve had any side effects from those medications.

Contact South Jersey Health & Wellness Center for more questions about visiting your medical doctor.

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