Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialize in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists can perform annual eye exams, treat eye disease, write prescriptions for vision issues or eye ailments, and perform LASIK or other surgery on patients.Ophthalmologists also write people their prescription for glasses or contacts. Ophthalmologists must complete four years of college, four more of med school, one year of internship, and a three year of residency in a hospital focusing on ophthalmology.While the education of an optometrist is much like that of a general dentist, ophthalmologists have training and schooling that are more similar to oral surgeons.

Eye Care Throughout History

The science of ophthalmology dates back to 800 BC, when scholars first observed diseases occurring in the eyes of patients. Hippocratic era Greeks made the actual advances in care though. Advances in care continued through the European middle ages into the enlightenment, with each period making significant contributions in fluid anatomy, muscle function, and eye surgery. Modern ophthalmologists today can rely on the vast stores of knowledge first developed by the Greek, Roman and European doctors of antiquity. However, even a modern ophthalmologist in Gurnee is expected to contribute to this special branch of medicine through their own research and study.

Modern Ophthalmologists and Current Practices

Ophthalmologists are tasked with correcting imperfections and administering treat that can alleviate loss of vision in patients. They look at the condition of the eyes, and address any imperfections of afflictions found. Then treatment can take place to correct the loss of sight and a follow-up to assess the condition of the patient can take place. Long-term care like glasses or contacts can be prescribed to further improve the patients vision.

Techniques and Care

Ophthalmologists will also do eye surgeries including cataract correction, lens and cornea replacement and repair, LASIK, cornea reshaping, eye transplants, repairing detached retinas, and treat glaucoma. These procedures are usually done with the aid of lasers and digital surgery tools, but there are still a few tasks done completely by hand. It is important to find a skilled ophthalmologist to perform surgery if it is needed.

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