Most moles tend to be harmless and won’t require treatment. However, there are situations where Mole Removal in Chevy Chase MD becomes necessary either for aesthetic purposes or to reduce the risk of skin cancer. If a doctor has determined one or more moles need to be removed, a patient will likely be given options as to which procedures are used. Following are some common options.

Excision of the Mole

Cutting or excising the mole usually requires the use of local anesthesia, as the mole is removed along with a small area of skin around the blemish. This procedure may be slightly more involved if the cells have grown under the skin’s top layer. In this situation, a few stitches may be needed. Fortunately, any scar that remains following this procedure will fade with time.

Freezing the Mole

If the mole has not penetrated the top layer of skin, freezing is an option for removing the blemish. However, the mole cannot be cancerous if liquid nitrogen is to be used. A small blister may develop following the treatment, but this procedure is fairly simple and is completed on an outpatient basis.

Shaving the Mole

If the mold remains on the surface of the skin, shaving it may be a treatment option. The doctor uses a surgical scalpel to shave the mole after applying a local anesthetic. A small pink area may remain once the mole has been removed.

Removal of Moles with a Laser

For individuals with multiple moles or those with moles in places that are difficult to reach, laser removal is an option. It’s not commonly used for other moles, however, as cutting and excising the mole is so effective. However, it is an option for some patients.

Contact Tamjidi Skin Institute to learn more about Mole Removal in Chevy Chase MD. Before a doctor can determine the correct procedure, however, he or she needs to see the patient and determine which treatment will produce the desired results. Removing a mole isn’t complicated, so make an appointment today. As the procedures needed to complete this task are easy, the moles can be gone in very little time. Visit our Google+ page for more details.

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