Allergies can be crippling, but can they be as crippling as intense sinusitis? It’s a question explored by many Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA as patients come in with a full arsenal of symptoms possibly directly related or only indirectly related to the various allergy threats in the Northeastern United States.

Allergies Vary

The treatment for sinusitis will vary from the treatment for allergies, and both of these will be vastly different from migraines. To begin, pure allergies can be hard to pinpoint. Allergies can come in all shapes and sizes, even in one specific person. For example, a person can react one way for one season and a different way for the next season.

Allergies evolve over time, and a patient can appear to have inflamed sinuses without ever actually having sinusitis at all. The difference in a patient having allergies that appear like sinusitis and a patient with true sinusitis will rest in the patterns. Sinusitis may be more structured and more predictable. Allergies can manifest in a variety of ways from one month to the next.

The Root Cause of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is often confused with migraines because migraines often manifest as an intense pressure in the nasal passage. Thankfully, migraines can be treated with over-the-counter products more easily than sinus infections and sinusitis. Both will require a visit to any Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA to determine the root cause.

Individuals who have allergies will know it and feel it. They are familiar with their own “allergy levels” and symptoms. Any change from that is cause for pause and could indicate a development of sinusitis. Visit our website for more on the treatment options for patients dealing with any of these ailments.

Migraines will derive from the brain stem. It is a neurological malfunction as opposed to an infection. Though the cause is entirely different, the result is similar. If over-the-counter products for migraines prove effective for nasal congestion, the root cause may come from migraines. Patients can often have migraines despite the fact that the pain never derives directly from their head. It can manifest universally as nasal pressure.

There is a frustrating amount of overlap involving all three of these ailments, and patients can be suffering from all of them at once or just one or two. The complexities add up rather quickly.

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