Some frustrating truths have surfaced about allergies. Nearly 60% of all Americans deal with a potentially debilitating allergy every day. To make matter worse for these poor souls, allergy seasons are extending by a few days every few years, with reports suggesting upwards of 16-day longer allergy seasons in many parts of the country. Yes, allergies are getting worse. Yes, most people suffer from them. So, why do so many people opt for a casual response to an ongoing drastic problem?

Over-the-Counter Products

A casual response, in this case, is an over-the-counter product. Counter products are effectively simple, allowing individuals to make a pretty quick response to a big problem and deal with it. But, over-the-counter products only force patients to deal with it without trying to fight an underlying problem.

Anyone who has suffered from allergies knows the two options on the market. These are antihistamines and nasal sprays. The latter works better because it reduces inflammation, which makes it harder for the triggers to “hit” the tissue. It is no longer inflamed, and thus harder to reach and far less sensitive. But, both of these methods have the fatal flaw of being band-aids for an ongoing problem. Further, allergies can build up immunity to either response. It is a plan without longevity. It will eventually fade, leaving patients more and more vulnerable to longer and longer allergy seasons.

A Specialist

There is a potential solution that is better than any antihistamine or nasal spray. Patients can go to an Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown KY. A specialist will take a full report and analyze individual patients based on food, pollen, mold, and any other potential areas of reaction. There is no reason to continue to suffer marginally with decent over-the-counter products that barely do the job.

An Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown KY can really take allergy response to the next level and encourage a proactive response and not just a defensive one. Find more information by visiting the website and exploring the different menus. Call today to get a full analysis of the situation and take action on a plan that goes beyond a basic band-aid approach.

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