Patients with a serious dental problem need an Emergency Dentist in Glendora that will see them quickly. The dental professionals at the Cross Keys Dental Office are committed to seeing these patients the same day they call. An infected tooth root is often the cause of extreme dental pain. If the tooth root has cracked, then the dentist will need to extract it. He will administer a powerful local anesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. Usually the patient feels a bit of pressure during the extraction procedure, but does not feel any stabbing pain. It takes about six weeks for the jaw and gum to completely heal.

If the tooth root is still intact, then an Emergency Dentist in Glendora can perform a root canal to clean the infection out of the root. The dentist also uses a powerful anesthetic for this procedure as well. Often patients think that this is a painful treatment option. It really isn’t. What they remember is the pain prior to the local anesthetic being administered. There are many nerves located in the root area of a tooth. That’s why an infection there is so painful. Once the dentist has removed the infection from the root, he packs it with a medicated temporary dental filling. In about 10 days, the patient returns. The dentist removes the temporary filling to make sure that the infection is gone. He then inserts a permanent filling.

After the Emergency Dentist in Glendora has either extracted or stabilized the tooth root, there is still some Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures that should be considered. Since many different types of dental procedures are offered at the Cross Keys Dental Office, patients can conveniently remain there for these treatments. Having dental work done in a familiar surroundings can lower a patient’s stress levels.

Many patients are upset at the thought of having a gaping hole in their mouth. The dentist can recommend that a titanium implant be inserted into the patient’s jaw. Once the jaw has fully healed a porcelain crown can be fit over it. Often the top of the tooth that has had a root canal also requires a porcelain crown to stabilize it. Both procedures result in a natural looking tooth that enhances the patient’s smile.



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