Many people are resistant to physical therapy for various reasons. They will tell you that they are already in enough pain or that they dont have the time. No matter how old or young you are, there are many injuries, medical conditions, and even illnesses that can be helped with physical therapy in Glendale, AZ. One of the major reasons that physicians prescribe physical therapy for their patients is back pain. If you look back even 10 years ago, those patients wouldve been told to stay in bed. Physical therapy is a much better option!

Individualized Plans for Therapy
When your physician refers you for physical therapy, one of the first things the therapist will do is to create an individualized plan to start getting you back to the level you were functioning at previously. They will help you to become more active and teach you some lifestyle changes that may prevent you suffering the same injury again. An expert physical therapy in Glendale AZ, can benefit you by:

  • Eliminating, or at the very least, reducing the amount of your pain by means of exercises and other treatments like ultrasound or electrical stimulation.
  • It can help you evade surgery. There are many times when physical therapy has been all that has been needed to address issues.
  • Physical therapy can play a large role for people suffering from TBIs such as strokes. Depending on how they have been affected, therapy can teach them how to walk, eat, bathe, communicate, and dress themselves.
  • If you need to increase your mobility, physical therapy may just be what you need. A therapist can teach you any number of strengthening and stretching exercises.
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