When someone has an older cat as a pet, they are likely to be concerned about their health and comfort during this time. An older cat will require a bit of extra care at a time when it becomes frail or thin due to the aging process. Here are a few steps that will aid in keeping a pet in the best of health during its later years.

Seek Veterinary Services And Make Routine Appointments

When an aging cat displays signs that it is not feeling well, it is best to bring it to a veterinarian for an assessment. A doctor that offers Veterinary Services near Roswell will do a complete evaluation of the cat’s health to determine if there are underlying problems causing any symptoms it is experiencing.

They will be able to conduct tests to rule out disease or conditions requiring medication and will prescribe some if necessary. Routine appointments should be kept to track the cat’s aging progression so care tactics can be tweaked when needed.

Find Out About Dietary Needs For Optimal Health

During a visit to a veterinarian, it is best to inquire about what type of food an aging cat should be given on a daily basis. The requirements for nutrition will change as a cat ages, making it necessary to switch brands. A veterinarian will be able to give brand recommendations and in some instances, food can be ordered directly through a veterinary practice.

Keep The Cat As Comfortable As Possible

An aging cat will get stressed or anxious about frantic activities or loud sounds. It is a good idea to have a quiet area in the home for the cat to access for resting when it desires. Make sure to give the cat plenty of attention by petting it and speaking to it in hushed tones.

When there is a need for Veterinary Services near Roswell, finding a practice known for their superb pet care is best. Take a look at a website like to find out more about the services they provide and to get contact information so an appointment can be made.

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