Physical therapy helps people of all ages who have or had a medical issue that limits the ability to function and move as they once did. Orthopedic physical therapy in Venice is a customized program designed to help people with physical problems return to their prior level of physical functioning. Therapy also focuses on encouraging the patient to undertake lifestyle changes and physical activities that will help prevent a recurrence and improve overall health. Primary care physicians will often refer a patient to a physical therapist when a problem is first identified. Physical therapy is seen as a conservative approach to problem management.

People rarely think about the gift of movement they have. Being able to go for a leisurely walk with the dog, playing a game of baseball at the local park, or simply mowing the lawn requires a great deal of mobility. But an injury can immediately strip you of your ability to do such pleasurable activities. Suddenly, even the most straightforward physical task becomes difficult and extremely painful. Physical rehabilitation is the process of restoring physical strength and mobility. The therapist at Total Therapy Florida knows that rehab therapy can be used for everything from a simple ankle sprain to helping a stroke survivor to regain his or her ability to walk, talk, and eat once more.

A physical therapist as well as rehab physicians, nurses, speech, and occupational therapists work hand in hand to help patients reduce their dependency on others, helping them achieve their goals of functional impendence. The entire process consists of acute care to stabilize the condition, followed by inpatient rehab, which is focused on independence, and outpatient rehab to maintain and improve physical function. The therapist you choose to provide you with rehabilitation will have an effect on the rest of your life.

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