Sports and demanding jobs can all contribute to knee pain, over time. The constant pressure from running or jumping can cause your knee to accommodate the excessive weight. This is not the natural function of your knee. Runners, skaters, and football players are all prone to knee issues at some point in their career. The first response is usually to self-treat. Ice, pain relievers, and rest may be tried at home. These only offer temporary relief. A proper resolution involves a trip to an orthopedic doctor. There are some excellent options near Barrington.

Prompt Attention

Injuries can easily get worse over time. When care is not given on time, recovery can take much longer. Prompt attention by a specialist can improve the possibility of proper healing. Individuals that are involved in sports often try to avoid taking time off from their activities. This increases the wear on the knee. Damage may be beyond repair when care is not sought out on time. Early detection is key.

Comprehensive Treatment

An orthopedic specialist prescribes a specific protocol for knee injuries. Since the knees are used in everyday functions, such as walking, extra care must be taken. Crutches, a wheelchair, or wraps may be necessary to limit pressure on the area. Care for knee complications goes far beyond the initial treatment. It requires a daily commitment from the doctor and the patient. Home care instructions must be followed, as they supplement orthopedic procedures and therapy.

Proper attention to knee care can help individuals avoid problems later in life. Even one injury can do enough damage to cause pain as a person ages. Complete orthopedic care is a necessity.

There are some viable treatment options for knee pain. Call Gitelis Orthopedics near Barrington for an appointment or check out the website at

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