In Georgia, in-home healthcare provides families with the assistance they need when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal condition. The services help families manage their loved one’s care in the comfort of their home. A local service provider offers Residential Home Health Care in Newnan, GA for all terminal patients.

Medical Treatment at Home

Terminal patients that require 24-hour care have the opportunity to remain at home with the right services. In-home nursing care provides all medical treatments within the home. The service provider offers a dedicated nurse to manage daily medical treatments for the patients. The services include administration of all medication as directed by the doctor.

Meal Preparation and Light Cleaning

The in-home nursing provider complete meal preparation for the patients based on their dietary restrictions. The meal services include breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks and beverages. The nurses also perform light cleaning duties as needed to keep the home clean and clutter-free.

Companionship for Terminal Patients

The nurses provide a daily companion for the patient. Patients who are facing terminal conditions need a friend to talk to during the day. They confide in their nurse and develop a close friendship over time. It is vital for the patients to have a companion to keep them comfortable and reduce their stress. The nurse also provides assistance as needed.

Helping the Family in Their Time of Need

The staff provides counseling and hospice care for terminal patients and their family. The counseling opportunities help the families when the end is near. The staff provides full services for families that includes coordinating with the funeral home when their loved one passes away. The nurses help the family through the difficult time and provide comfort in their time of need.

In Georgia, in-home healthcare provides families with 24-hour assistance for terminal patients. The nurses provide medical treatment according to the doctor’s instructions. They keep the patients comfortable at all times and offer companionship. The staff offers meal preparation and light housekeeping to keep the home clean and clutter-free. Families that need to schedule Residential Home Health Care in Newnan, GA contact Sacred Journey Hospice and schedule an appointment.

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