The scalp is one of the portions of the body which is prone to several problems. Dry scalp and eczema are some of the many problems that can affect the condition of the scalp. However, scalp treatment can only be decided on the nature of the problem affecting your scalp. Some of the different types of scalp treatment, on the basis of scalp problem, are as follows.

Scalp Treatment for Eczema

Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment

Medicated shampoo is an excellent solution for mild eczema. Such shampoos are available at all pharmaceuticals. However, keep in mind that these shampoos should be applied at least twice in a week. Select a shampoo that contains coal tar and salicylic acid. You can consider the option of scalp applications to curb itching. Do not wash your hair immediately and let the solution remain for 2 to 3 hours. Using scalp ointment is another important option for treating scalp eczema. Opt for ointments that contain coconut oils and salicylic acids. Apply the scalp ointment during the night and wash it off in morning.

Treat Dry Scalp with Herbal Products

Natural dry scalp results into several problems ranging from mild itching to dandruff. Scalp psoriasis can also result into this problem. Such problems are commonly faced by all the individuals at some or the other point. Herbal products such as shampoos, which are available at leading pharmaceutical stores, can treat this problem effectively without causing any side effects. It is better to shop online for these products as they are known to offer herbal shampoos at reasonable rates.

Itchy Scalps

Scalp itching is a common problem which is caused due to constant sweating and inappropriate hygiene. Natural oils can solve this problem of itchiness. You can prevent hair loss with the use of lavender oils and neem. These products can also prevent bacteria and growth of fungi.

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