When a pet owner suspects their cat or dog is suffering from an eye infection, getting immediate help is necessary so the pet will recover as needed. It is best to bring a dog or cat to a Vet in Alpharetta for a complete assessment. Here is some information about eye infections to read over.

Know The Signs Of A Problem

There are several noticeable symptoms that indicate the possibility of an eye infection in a cat or dog. If a pet is constantly scratching at their eyes, it may be an attempt to stop any pain from occurring. The eyes tend to appear cloudy or hazy in a pet with an eye infection. Squinting or blinking constantly is another symptom to be aware of. If any of these signs are noticed, bring the pet to a veterinarian right away for an assessment.

Do Not Wait For Assistance

Some people wait to see a veterinarian if they think a pet has an eye infection. They wait to see if the infection clears up on its own. This is however not recommended as there is a possibility that the infection will spread from one eye to the other. There is also a risk that the pet will have a vision that deteriorates as a result of not taking action promptly. In some cases, a pet could become blind.

Know The Possible Treatments

Bringing a dog or cat to a veterinarian is best as they will take a look at the pet’s eyes to determine the cause of any symptoms being displayed. The eye may have been scratched or there may be an allergic reaction causing the problem. An eye infection could be the result of an underlying medical condition, making it important to have a professional give the animal a full checkup during an evaluation appointment. Appropriate medication is prescribed if necessary.

When there is a need to make an appointment with a Vet in Alpharetta, finding one that will treat a pet immediately is a must. Take a look at to find out more about their practice and to get contact information.

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