With the popularity of surrogacy, single men are getting more and more attracted to the idea of single father surrogacy. It means donating their egg to a surrogate mother and wait for their baby to be born. Why would a single man do this?

Dream of Parenthood

Single men who dream of becoming a father can fulfill their dream through surrogacy even without looking for a partner. Instead of spending their time looking for the right girl to marry, they are investing their time and money on finding the right surrogate mother that will bear their child.

It Is About Having a Baby With Biological Ties

Through surrogacy, a single father can have a baby of his blood. Instead of adopting a baby that came from an unknown background, surrogacy will ensure that your baby is biologically yours. It means your baby can have your eyes or nose or some of your familys most distinct behavior.

Surrogacy or Adoption?

If you are after genetics and control over the process of having your baby, you should go for surrogacy. With a single father surrogacy, you can be sure that you are the biological father of your baby. Control also means that you can choose the surrogate mother for your child. You can choose a surrogate mother in terms of her cultural background, skin color, and family history among others.

Whereas, with adoption, you are not sure of the baby’s background or the family’s history. You also must wait for years until you can find a baby that might touch your heart. With adoption, you just don’t pick a baby, you also must feel some warmth towards the baby before you can decide to take her/him home.

Single father surrogacy is not a complex process. It is the same with couples who are planning to have a baby through a surrogate mother. After all, having a baby and starting a family is all about commitment and love no matter of your status in life.

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