Sutures are one of the most important parts of the surgical procedure, allowing the patient to begin the healing process. However, many challenges can be presented during this process. In most cases, a technician passes the suture needles to the doctor and then the used needles are passed back during the administration of uninterrupted sutures.

Two People for One Job

Perhaps the most significant issue with the traditional method of applying an uninterrupted suture is the need for a technician to assist the doctor in passing needles and sutures back and forth. Not only can the needles be dropped, causing a delay in the procedure since the needle must be found before progressing to ensure it isnt left inside the patient, but it can also create an unnecessary stick risk that can lead to infections and other concerns for the staff.

Needle Safety Solutions

The good news is there are needle safety solutions that can eliminate the need for passing needles back and forth between the doctor and technician, eliminating many of the risks. These solutions allow doctors to easily access needles and sutures from a securely attached kit that also includes a convenient place to store used needles. Doctors can quickly and efficiently apply uninterrupted sutures without requiring assistance.

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