When you are addicted to controlled substances like Vicodin or Oxycodone, you may struggle to get sober. You realize that going cold turkey can lead to painful and potentially life threatening withdrawals. You also may have no luck in weaning yourself off of these substances little by little.

Rather than continue to use substances that you want to be free from, you can undergo professional medical intervention designed to wean you off them gently and safely. You can take advantage of what treatment with suboxone in Belvidere, IL, can offer to you.

Safe Withdrawing

If you were to abruptly stop using the substances that you are addicted to, you could induce side effects that might put your life at risk. Your body is so accustomed to ingesting and having those substances in it that it may go into shock if you were to stop using them.

These side effects may be so severe that you might suffer a heart attack or stroke. You also may experience severe vomiting and diarrhea that can leave you seriously dehydrated.

However, when you undergo this kind of medical treatment for your addiction, you can withdraw safely while under the careful supervision of medical professionals. Your body may not suffer the extreme side effects found with going cold turkey.

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