Wound healing in Mansfield, TX, isnt as simple as most believe it is when its associated with diabetes and venous reflux disease. The need for special care is due to the associated ulcers that can develop from complications in the healing process. Both of these are from insufficient blood flow to the lower part of your body.

What Is a Venous Ulcer?

This is a condition related to the flow of blood. Under normal circumstances, the blood flows through your veins in one direct because of the valves in the veins. This direction is toward your heart. When the valve becomes damaged, the blood begins to accumulate in the vein instead of flowing toward the heart, forming an ulcer.

This type of ulcer develops just above the ankles on the inside of your legs and is known to cause pain as your ankles swell.

What Is a Diabetic Ulcer?

This type of ulcer is a complication of having diabetes. Its caused by the reduction in blood flow, generally in the lower leg and foot areas. For some of you, the ulcer is caused by a peripheral arterial disease that has diminished the flow of blood to your lower extremities.

The ulcers or sores are developed on the foot when the top epidermal layer is damaged and the flesh underneath is exposed to the elements. Because many individuals with diabetes also have nerve damage, they typically dont realize they have an ulcer until its infected.

Treatment for Wound Healing in Mansfield, TX

Once you notice either type of ulcer, immediate care is highly advised to prevent the need to amputate the foot or lower leg. This is why the professionals at the Total Vascular Wellness Center have a special wound care procedure. This allows for proper wound healing in Mansfield, TX, for all who need it.

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